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Hey everyone. As most of you know, my Harry Potter fan art "The Boy Who Lived" got selected as a Daily Deviation a few days ago. Well, the outpouring of faves, appreciation & adulation has been pretty mind-blowing to say the least. Before the day was over, it eclipsed my most popular previous deviations (Two-Face & Zooey Deschanel) and just kept on rising. I just finished replying to all the comments that were made on it since the 16th. I tried to make them all personal. And, I usually thank everyone that :+fav:s my works individually as well. But since it's received 2,010 :+fav:s & been added to 366 collections (and I'm not bragging, I'm just in awe, really) in the last 3 days, my hand would be a permanent claw by the time I was done. So, as a collective show of my appreciation to all of you out there that have shown me the love:

THANK YOU. It's been incredibly gratifying & uplifting to receive such sudden & immense praise.
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I tell you it's pretty humbling when someone randomly singles out your art out because it affect them in such a way. :iconrydi1689: did just that for The Boy Who Lived. It's not everyday one of my pieces get nearly 30 :+fav:s in under an hour, so I knew something had to be up. It took me a while to figure it out, but there it is/was. So, thanx rydi1689. You honor me, m'lady. :bow:
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Hey, I got featured! Scroll down to the Harry Potter section(then go back & check out all the other sweet art). It's a pretty great feeling when someone publicly acknowledges your work. I'd like to thank The Queen for the honor. Especially cuz it's on my BIRTHDAY!! That's a great present. :D And I'd also like to issue a collective 'Thank You!' to everyone out there that has praised my work, especially lately. Thank you.
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:iconnymonyrya: was kind enough to put my recent deviation "Stormtrooper" in a Sci-fi Fan Art Feature here on DeviantArt! I'm honored. There's a lot of other great art on there, too. Go check it out!…
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And, no, not help with the title to this journal entry...

I am going to be starting a new project in the near-future, and it has two, count 'em - 2, female spies in it. The two most attractive, alluring spies in my humble opinion. So, I need a title for my art piece that somehow conveys what the picture is. It will look sorta like a promo shot if the 2 said spies ever had a cross-over of their respective shows. Am I vague enough for ya?

Obviously, avoid the token "she spies" combos or whatever.

And if you are still curious, said spies are one Sydney Bristow & one Sarah Walker.
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It's as it shoulda been. Heath Ledger truly created a unique spin on the Joker for The Dark Knight. No one else this year, with the exception of maybe Mickey Rourke, has really captivated an audience and made us all collectively think, "Holy crap, this guy's GOOD!" Granted I'm a huge Batman fan, so I may be a touch biased that this was all about his performance as The Joker, but he friggin' knocked it out of the park. Congrats, Heath, on a well deserved win.
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I am wanting to do another portrait. Zooey Deschanel was my last one, and that was over a year ago. Hard to believe for me actually.

But I can't decide who (or is that whom?) I should draw. So I shall let you peeps decide. It's interactive!!!

Your choices are:

Heath Ledger

Sophia Bush

Hugh Jackman

Elisha Cuthbert

Vote early & vote often!
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If you haven't already found :iconaramismarron: in your DA travels, I must direct you his way. His art is INCREDIBLE. He makes black & white drawings with pencil that look like black & white photographs. It's crazy good. 3 of my :+fav:s are "Logan pt.2"… , "hot mama WIP"… & "lovely day"… . Go check out his gallery!
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